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Unrelated Certificate Transcriptions at Wodonga Family History Society


Number – First Name(s) – Surname – Year – Place

B001 Gwendolyn HICKS 1903 Rutherglen, Victoria
B002 Stanley Thomas REES 1903 Rutherglen, Victoria
B003 Gladys Myrtle POLLARD 1903 Rutherglen, Victoria
B004 Bernice Ermine Ealine Otis COUSINS 1903 Rutherglen, Victoria
B005 Alexandrina Frances LONGMORE 1909 Rutherglen, Victoria
B006 Mary LOOBY 1909 Rutherglen, Victoria
B007 William CURTAIN 1909 Rutherglen, Victoria
B008 Allan Roy WALDRON 1909 Rutherglen, Victoria
B009 Nicholas John SNOW 1868 Rutherglen, Victoria
B010 Robert VANCE 1868 Rutherglen, Victoria
B011 John Thomas HEYFRON 1868 Rutherglen, Victoria
B012 Annie Elizabeth O’LEARY 1868 Rutherglen, Victoria
B013 Eliza PYKE 1865 Belvoir, Victoria
B014 William Miles COVERDALE 1865 Belvoir, Victoria
B015 Charles Fleming McKENZIE 1865 Belvoir, Victoria
B016 James Thompson DUMBRELL 1865 Belvoir, Victoria
B017 Michael DUNN 1866 Chiltern, Victoria
B018 Jacob Thomas Henry KLOWER 1866 Chiltern, Victoria
B019 Richard LECHMERE 1866 Chiltern, Victoria
B020 Madron LEGGE 1866 Chiltern, Victoria
B021 Alfred McDONALD 1875 Deniliquin, NSW
B022 Lachlan McDONALD 1856 Kilmore, Victoria
B023 Percy McDONALD 1879 Deniliquin, NSW
B024 Robert James McDONALD 1888 Bathurst, N.S.W.
B025 John Augustus BILLMAN 1860 Sandhurst, Victoria
B26 Thomas George  BROWN 1860 Sandhurst, Victoria
B027 Ellen Louisa SPENCER 1860 Sandhurst, Victoria
B028 Elizabeth McFARLANE 1868 Inglewood, Victoria
B029 Headley  DAVIDSON 1869 Inglewood, Victoria
B030 Eliza BIDDLE 1869 Inglewood, Victoria
B031 Alexander George YUILLE 1868 Inglewood, Victoria
B032 James Ernest ROFF 1869 Inglewood, Victoria
B033 Mary Agnes HOYEM 1866 Inglewood, Victoria
B034 Mary Morette FARMER 1866 Inglewood, Victoria
B035 Julia WILLS 1866 Inglewood, Victoria
B036 Sarah COFFEE 1866 AInglewood, Victoria
B037 Charles Latham MCFARLANE 1866 Inglewood, Victoria
B038 Hector DENNY 1908 Northcote, Victoria
B039 George Raymond GWYNNE 1908 Northcote, Victoria
B040 Mabel Irene COLEMAN 1908 Northcote, Victoria
B041 Dora Annie GIBBS 1908 Northcote, Victoria
B042 Phyllis Doreen HANSEN 1908 Northcote, Victoria
B043 Martha CASEY 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B044 Isabella PATERSON 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B045 John BAULD 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B046 Thomas MORGAN 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B047 James FOSTER 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B048 Arthur STONE 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B049 Catherine Ann MILTON 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B050 Edwin Henry DOYLE 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B051 Michael ROACH 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B052 James COLEMAN 1860 Port Sorell, Tasmania
B053 Clara TURNER 1870 Brighton, Victoria
B054 Alice ROURKE 1870 Brighton, Victoria
B055 Herbert HUGHES 1870 Brighton, Victoria
B056 Arthur William Backhaus BRADY 1870 Brighton, Victoria
B057 Marguerite BURNEY 1890 Camperdown, Victoria
B058 Reginald Montague HENDERSON 1890 Camperdown, Victoria
B059 William John Williams UNWIN 1890 Camperdown, Victoria
B060 Lillian WILSON 1890 Camperdown, Victoria
B061 Bessie Cole JARMAN 1868 The Loddon, Victoria
B062 Sarah Alice MORRIS 1868 The Loddon, Victoria
B063 Mary Hannah EDGHILL 1868 The Loddon, Victoria
B064 Joseph ARNOLD 1868 The Loddon, Victoria
B065 Arthur Walter HANDLEY 1859 Geelong, Victoria
B066 Margaret WEIR 1859 Geelong, Victoria
B067 Sarah Frances CARGEEG 1859 Geelong, Victoria
B068 Eliza Frances Amy APTED 1859 Geelong, Victoria
B069 John Clegge MAYALL 1859 Geelong, Victoria
B070 Archibald McQuilkin ORR 1873 Rochford, Victoria
B071 Ellen O’BRIEN 1873 Rochford, Victoria
B072 Stuart ANDERSON 1873 Rochford, Victoria
B073 Frederick COTTEL 1873 Rochford, Victoria
B077 Catharine BROWN 1860 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B078 Charles Jacob DILGER 1868 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B079 Edwin PETITT 1868 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B080 Elizabeth WILLIAMS 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B081 Oliver Wellard GATHERCOLE 1862 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B082 Fortune Mary Ann GATHERCOLE 1862 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B083 Female, no name LYNE 1862 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B084 Sarah MASSEY 1862 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B085 John GAMBLE 1862 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B086 William PETITT 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B087 John REID-McILVEANY 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B088 Female, no name ALLEN 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B089 Grace Eleanor HOPWOOD 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B090 Albert John STEPHENSON 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B091 Mary Ann BURGESS 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B092 Elizabeth Ann SPAULDING 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B093 Henry PETITT 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B094 Jessie Rosina MEREDITH 1863 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B095 Eliza COTTON 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B096 Male, no name CAULFIELD 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B097 Ellen LEDBURY 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B098 Lavanah Martina QUIN 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B099 Male, no name LYNE(S) 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B100 Female, no name JACK 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B101 Martha PETITT 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B102 Maria Sabina COTTON 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B103 John Henry SKEGGS 1861 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B104 Elizabeth Frederica TILGER 1858 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B105 Laura Emelia TILLEY 1859 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B106 Alice Edith GIBSON 1858 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B107 Willaim ARCHER 1858 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B108 Maria PAGE 1858 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B109 Walter Wallace AMOS 1859 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B110 Mark GARRATT 1859 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B111 Amy Ceclia SHAW 1859 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B112 Charlotte PETITT 1859 Glamorgan, Tasmania
B113 Isabella O’BRIEN 1851 Yass, N.S.W
B114 Ellen O’BRIEN 1854 Albury, N.S.W.
B115 Ada Emily O’BRIEN 1858 Brisbane, Queensland
B116 Eliza FRANCIS 1871 Clare, South Australia
B117 Henry FRANKS 1872 Port Gawler, South Australia
B118 Mary COYLE 1859 Pleasant Creek, Victoria
B119 Eugene PONTOIS 1859 Pleasant Creek, Victoria
B120 Margaret SEYMOUR 1859 Pleasant Creek, Victoria
B121 Henry SPENCER 1858 Pleasant Creek, Victoria
B122 Florence Irene NASH 1913 Carlton, Victoria
B123 Edward Charles NASH 1895 Hawthorn, Victoria
B124 James Cuthbert TOOHEY 1895 Hawthorn, Victoria
B125 John LAMB 1882 Beaufort, Victoria
B126 Ann MAXWELL 1882 Beaufort, Victoria
B127 Maria JOHNSTON 1863 Belvoir, Victoria
B128 John George DARBYSHIRE 1863 Belvoir, Victoria
B129 Samuel BENSON 1863 Belvoir, Victoria
B130 John Francis SETON 1913 Carlton, Victoria
B131 Frances Sylvester GRUNDY 1913 Carlton, Victoria
B132 Edna Catherine O’BREE 1913 Carlton, Victoria
B133 Leslie Roy LAMBERT 1913 Carlton, Victoria
B134 William Oram Arthur SINCLAIR 1874 Wodonga, Victoria
B135 Elizabeth MAGEE 1874 Wodonga, Victoria
B136 Ernest Eugen HEILMANN 1874 Wodonga, Victoria
B137 Jane Ellen LESLIE 1853 Fryers Creek, Victoria
B138 Elizabeth Ann MARSH 1854 Fryers Creek, Victoria
B139 Female, no name LEWIS 1854 Fryers Creek, Victoria
B140 John Edward CARR 1854 Fryers Creek, Victoria
B141 Margaret KENNEDY 1846 Sydney, NSW
B142 Richard LYNCH 1846 Sydney, NSW
B143 Catherine HALL 1846 Sydney, NSW
B144 Thomas KENNY 1846 Sydney, NSW
B145 Julia CHARRET 1846 Sydney, NSW
B146 Thomas MULLEN 1846 Sydney, NSW
B147 Frederick BRIGGS 1866 Yackandandah, Victoria
B148 Susan GEARING 1887 Yackandandah, Victoria
B149 Edgar Harold RHODES 1887 Yackandandah, Victoria
B150 Florence Mary DUNSTAN 1887 Yackandandah, Victoria
B151 Georgiana Lilly GLASSON 1887 Yackandandah, Victoria
B152 Margaret DANDIE 1886 Williamstown, Victoria
B153 Leslie George BULL 1886 Williamstown, Victoria
B154 Lilian Jane WILLIAMS 1886 Williamstown, Victoria
B155 Edith May HOLMBERG 1886 Williamstown, Victoria
B156 Astley Arthur COOPER 1915 Coburg, Victoria
B157 Walter Scott Sanderson PORTEOUS 1915 Coburg, Victoria
B158 Mary LAZZARO 1915 Coburg, Victoria
B159 Jean SPENCER 1915 Coburg, Victoria
B160 Agnes Vera CONRAN 1912 Ivanhoe, Victoria
B161 Frank Henry John WALKER 1912 Ivanhoe, Victoria
B162 Iris GOLDING 1912 Ivanhoe, Victoria
B163 John Ivan STEPHENS 1912 Ivanhoe, Victoria
B164 Elizabeth Olive STUBLEY 1888 Richmond, Victoria
B165 Gladys Blair HICKLING 1888 Richmond, Victoria
B166 Mary Florence NEWBOLD 1888 Richmond, Victoria
B167 Agnes Vera FIELDING 1888 Richmond, Victoria
B168 Jean BANKIN 1909 Carlton, Victoria
B169 Mary BUTLER 1909 Carlton, Victoria
B170 Elizabeth JONES 1909 Carlton, Victoria
B171 Henry Patrick Joseph SOMMERFELDT 1909 Carlton, Victoria
B172 Moses Harris BLOUSTIEN 1909 Carlton, Victoria
B173 Ronald William LAMBOURN 1906 Wodonga, Victoria
B174 Eric Alfred McGAFFIN 1906 Wodonga, Victoria
B175 Dorothy May SMITH 1906 Wodonga, Victoria
B176 Florence Ada BICKERTON 1906 Wodonga, Victoria
B177 Joseph Allen COURTNEY 1906 Wodonga, Victoria
B178 James Thompson PETTY 1859 Kew, Victoria
B179 Alice Elizabeth FOX 1859 Kew, Victoria
B180 Harry Charles ARNOLD 1859 Kew, Victoria
B181 David James CORBETT 1859 Kew, Victoria
B182 Herbert Montague WALLIS 1886 Hawthorn, Victoria
B183 Winifred Maud WALLIS 1886 Hawthorn, Victoria
B184 Robert Scotland LORIMER 1886 Hawthorn, Victoria
B185 Isabella Grace HUTCHINSON 1886 Hawthorn, Victoria
B186 Osborne HARTLEY 1849 Geelong, Victoria
B187 Sarah Jane SHERRY 1848 Geelong, Victoria
B188 Nathaniel AUSTIN 1849 Geelong, Victoria
B189 Mary COLLINS 1849 Geelong, Victoria
B190 Caroline REYNOLDS 1844 Geelong, Victoria
B191 Catherine BELL 1849 Geelong, Victoria
B192 Susan FULLER 1848 Geelong, Victoria
B193 William Balie RAMSEY 1848 Geelong, Victoria
B194 Albert Edward CARTER 1843 Geelong, Victoria
B195 Virginia CARTER 1845 Geelong, Victoria
B196 Emma CARTER 1848 Geelong, Victoria
B197 Elizabeth DUNSFORD 1819 Geelong, Victoria
B198 Martha Ralph HARLAND 1840 Geelong, Victoria
B199 Annie JANE 1849 Geelong, Victoria
B200 Patrick HINES 1866 Yackandandah, Victoria
B201 Charles KINCHINGTON 1866 Yackandandah, Victoria
B202 Alfred Augustus Flerenzo MOGLEA 1866 Yackandandah, Victoria
B203 Denis COFFEY 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B204 Michael RYAN 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B205 Emma LESTER 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B206 Amilia HALL 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B207 Catherine MURPHY 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B208 Rosanna CARTHY 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B209 Thomas GIFFERS 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B210 Edward SLATTERY 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B211 John O’BRIEN 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B212 Thomas REILLY 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B213 Ellen HUNTER 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B214 Ellen MOLLOY 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B215 Alexander CUMERFORD 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B216 James BROWNE 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B217 Mary Ann HOPGOOD 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B218 Malcom ROSS 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B219 William John  COWELL 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B220 Patrick  CROW 1847 Melbourne, Victoria
B227 Eliza Charlotte JOHNSON 1869 Wangaratta, Victoria
B228 William James BICKERTON 1869 Wangaratta, Victoria
B229 Edwin Hampton ROSE 1869 Wangaratta, Victoria
B230 Mary Ann GRIMSHAW 1869 Wangaratta, Victoria
B231 Kate RUSSELL 1869 Wangaratta, Victoria
B232 William Monah CARLISLE 1872 North Lancefield, Victoria
B233 Thomas RHODES 1872 North Lancefield, Victoria
B234 Honora MAHER 1872 North Lancefield, Victoria
B235 Ralph HEMPHILL 1872 North Lancefield, Victoria
B236 Margaret WARREN 1864 Beechworth, Victoria


Number – Bride 1st Name[s] – Bride Surname – Groom 1st Name[s] – Groom Surname – Year – Place

M001 Bridget CORBET Michael PETIT 1860 Beechworth, Victoria
M002 Mary DANE Denis DONAVON 1860 Beechworth, Victoria
M003 Elizabeth Ann KEPILE Josiah HALL 1857 Grant, Victoria
M004 Hannah CUTLER Frederick William FIELD 1889 Chiltern & Rutherglen
M005 Anne Jane ASHLEY Abraham WELLINGTON 1889 Chiltern & Rutherglen
M006 Lucy VERNON Heinrich BOYSE 1872 Beechworth, Victoria
M007 Maryan HAYES John RAWLINGS 1872 Beechworth, Victoria
M008 Mary Anne JORY Anthony CHARLTON 1859 Beechworth, Victoria
M009 Ann HINDMARCH Ralph WELSH 1859 Beechworth, Victoria
M010 Mary PLUMB Thomas Francis CONBOY 1864 Ararat, Victoria
M011 Margaret Mary KNIGHT Richard WOODYER 1864 Ararat, Victoria
M012 Ada DAWSON George Arthur ERSKINE 1907 Essendon, Victoria
M013 Mary Ann ZIMMER John Robins BILLMAN 1879 Sandhurst, Victoria
M015 Lydia Hosannah BILLMAN William John COLE 1914 Geelong, Victoria
M016 Flora COATES William MURRIN 1873 Bendigo, Victoria
M017 Lydia BILLMAN William Henry SMITH 1873 Bendigo, Victoria
M018 Ann GLASSON John ROWE 1873 Bendigo, Victoria
M019 Mary Ann JOHNSON Daniel HARRINGTON 1852 The Burra, South Australia
M020 Agnes Marguerite FARMAN Alexander McLennon PEEL 1921 Bendigo, Victoria
M021 Hazel BENTLEY Albert Charles HENRY 1921 Bendigo, Victoria
M022 Nora Irene May WILLIAMS Ronald McDONALD 1921 Bendigo, Victoria
M023 Ellen Mary SEXTON Joseph Norman BENNETT 1861 Bourke, Victoria
M024 Emma MACLIN Christopher BAILEY 1861 Bourke, Victoria
M025 Lucy RICHARDSON Law GOODERIDGE 1861 Bourke, Victoria
M026 Charlotte Rachel BARROW John Simeon COLEMAN 1887 St Kilda, Victoria
M027 Florence Francisca Dagmar FRANDSEN George Horace McDONALD 1887 St Kilda, Victoria
M028 Helena Philaria FAIRWEATHER Thomas AS SHIN 1889 The Ovens, Victoria
M029 Mary Ann ANDERSON Alfred FELTHAM 1889 The Ovens, Victoria
M030 Anne TIERNEY Nicholas PEPPER 1852 Geelong, Victoria
M031 Mary Agnes O’KEEFE William E YATES 1883 Colac, Victoria
M032 Emma GREEN Donald BLYTH 1889 Bourke, Victoria
M033 Maggie Jane CONNOLLY Robert John KIRKPATRICK 1889 Bourke, Victoria
M034 Lucy Sarah FOOT John FINLAYSON 1859 Murray
M035 Elizabeth KINGSTON Alexander SMITH 1859 Murray
M036 Ellen Louisa COTTEL John STEVENS 1875 West Bourke, Victoria
M037 Margaret McKENZIE John McCLURE 1875 West Bourke, Victoria
M038 Mary Ann BROWN Edward Sellars LAWRENCE 1875 West Bourke, Victoria
M039 Mabel Margaret LACEY Huiphley Robert MOORE 1906 Northcote, Victoria
M040 Lucy Ellen May MILNE Alfred Henry TUTTLEBY 1906 Northcote, Victoria
M041 Margaret Isabella HUGHES David McCREADY 1906 Northcote, Victoria
M042 Elsie May CUMPER Robert Gordon ROACH 1913 Hawthorn, Victoria
M043 Eva Maud WILLS Charles Herbert GARNHAM 1913 Hawthorn, Victoria
M044 Mary MACLIN Daniel ANDERSON 1852, Melbourne, Victoria
M045 Polisen MARTIN Henry GOTTREUX 1852, Melbourne, Victoria
M046 Margaret MAHER Thomas JOHNSTON 1852, Melbourne, Victoria
M047 Anne Eliza VERNON George Marner BRITNELL 1889 Bourke, Victoria
M048 Alice May JACKSON John LAMB 1907 Essendon, Victoria
M049 Emma Frances SPENCER James LAMB 1874 Ballarat, Victoria
M050 Irene Gladys BRITNELL Charles Henry NASH 1913 Hawthorn, Victoria
M051 Caroline NICHOLS Richard RIDGEWAY 1878 East Melbourne, Victoria
M052 Andiena PERRY John IRWIN 1895 Fitzroy, Victoria
M053 Jane Charlton FARLEY William Oliver Atkins WILCOX 1895 Fitzroy, Victoria
M054 Harriett BETTS Thomas ALDOUS 1853 Pentridge, Victoria
M055 Eliza DANE George CROUCHER 1853 Pentridge, Victoria
M056 Mary McKENNING Robert ADAMS 1853 Pentridge, Victoria
M057 Eliza GLEDHILL Charles THOMPSON 1849 Melbourne, Victoria
M058 Sarah CARNALL James HODGE 1839 Exeter, England
M059 Mary Jane HILTON James HODGE 1875 Dayesford, Victoria
M060 Ida Jean RANKIN David John FORGE 1937 Melbourne, Victoria
M061 Susanna VESSEY John Thomas ATCHINSON 1857 Brighton, Victoria
M062 Caroline BARTON Joseph BARNES 1857 Brighton, Victoria
M063 Ann Maria MINNS Robert ARNOLD 1857 Brighton, Victoria
M064 Alice MEAGHER Philip WHITE 1864 Kyneton, Victoria
M065 Maria CLARKE Alfred Bennett GIBBONS 1864 Kyneton, Victoria
M066 Bridget DYNAN Andrew MULCAHY 1864 Kyneton, Victoria
M067 Ellen Maria WILLIAMS James NORRIS 1907 Oakleigh, Victoria
M068 Margaret HANNAH Donald ROSS 1858 Geelong, Victoria
M069 Mary Jane VAGG John MUSGROVE 1858 Geelong, Victoria
M070 Helen CLARKE Wiliam CHRISTIE 1858 Geelong, Victoria
M071 Kate LANGLEY Alfred Edward PEARCE 1883 Castlemaine, Victoria
M072 Mary Ann LEAHY Ah SUE 1883 Castlemaine, Victoria
M073 June THURGOOD Robert MATHER 1883 Castlemaine, Victoria
M074 Sarah Marian BOSWORTH Thomas McDONALD 1878 Melbourne, Victoria
M075 Loiusa HOWCHIN Henry ZIERK 1878 Melbourne, Victoria
M076 Aimee Jeanne RAINY John James RENFREE 1878 Melbourne, Victoria
M077 Clare BRAIDWOOD Henry Wretham GOODSELL 1912 Tallangatta, Victoria
M078 Frances Edith BOWEN Jacob BABBINGTON 1912 Tallangatta, Victoria
M079 Ruby Minnie WILKINSON Vivian Roy BRADBURY 1912 Malvern, Victoria
M080 Elsie May McNEILL Isaac John ODGERS 1912 Malvern, Victoria
M081 Mary Ann JAMES Frederick William HITCHENS 1840 Melbourne, Victoria
M082 Ellen CONROY Richard MASSEY 1840 Melbourne, Victoria
M083 Margaret DWAN James CUSER 1840 Melbourne, Victoria
M084 Christina ANGLISS Victor Benjamin BALLARD 1914 Hawthorn, Victoria
M085 Maria Elizabeth KENNON George Ratcliffe SILCOCK 1914 Hawthorn, Victoria
M086 Georgina RIST John William CAMPBELL 1929 Melbourne, Victoria
M087 Jeanette Florence MISDALE Richard Douglas CAVE 1929 Melbourne, Victoria
M088 Mary Ann BROWN Charles THOMSON 1884 Taradale, Victoria
M089 Emily Lydia BAKER Arthur Thomas SCOTT 1899 Birchip, Victoria
M090 Mary Ann FREE John William DONNAN 1899 Birchip, Victoria
M091 Margaret PETERSON Harry JONES 1899 Birchip, Victoria
M092 Fanny SHENTON Arthur ROBINS 1892 Staffordshire, England
M093 Mary Anne HAYES Thomas O’DWYER 1871 Ovens, Victoria
M094 Catherine MINOGUE Daniel O’NEILL 1871 Ovens, Victoria
M095 Margaret CUSACK John BOYD 1871 Ovens, Victoria
M096 Ann RAHILLY Patrick LYONS 1856 Charleville, Co Cork, Ireland
M097 Matilda WHITRICK Thomas OSBORNE 1868 Ballarat, Victoria
M098 Ann TREBLECOCK Richard JELBART 1868 Ballarat, Victoria
M099 Emma REED John TRELOAR 1868 Ballarat, Victoria
M100 Elizabeth EAGLESIM Robert PRINCE 1860 Bendigo, Victoria
M101 Elspet ROSS Robert NICKLE 1860 Bendigo, Victoria
M102 Margreta McEVOY Arthur HENDERSON 1906 Heathcote, Victoria
M103 Eliza Jane ROBINSON James George CROUCH 1899 W Beulah, Victoria
M104 Margaret Flanighan DONOVAN Andrew GRAHAM 1875 Sandhurst, Victoria
M105 Elizabeth ATKINSON William BRADDY 1875 Sandhurst, Victoria
M106 Rose Anne Elizabeth O’NEILL James Henry ELLIS 1884 Cornella, Victoria  M107 Alice TUCK Frederick GORS 1890 Albury, Victoria
M108 Alice Maud HUNTER Ernest Arthur HEATH 1890 Albury, Victoria
M109 Margaret HORAN, Charles WARREN, 1860 Beechworth, Victoria


Number – First Name(s) – Surname – Year – Place

D001 William Henry CULBERTSON 1922 Wodonga, Victoria
D002 Sheila Anastasia DOYLE 1922 Wodonga, Victoria
D003 Francis Emmett WINNETT 1922 Wodonga, Victoria
D004 John Gayford WIGG 1916 Wodonga, Victoria
D005 Jane HAMILTON 1916 Wodonga, Victoria
D006 Ethel May CONNORS 1916 Wodonga, Victoria
D007 James LONG 1909 Wodonga, Victoria
D008 Thomas D’ARCY 1909 Wodonga, Victoria
D009 Dorothy Maud KELSEY 1909 Wodonga, Victoria
D010 Annie McCORMICK 1894 Manchester England
D011 Walter Arthur COOKSEY 1942 Middlesex, England
D012 Jane  COOKSEY 1930 Middlesex, England
D013 Thomas EDDINGTON 1860 Beechworth, Victoria
D014 Elizabeth PERKINS 1860 Beechworth, Victoria
D015 Andrew Robert BATESON 1860 Beechworth, Victoria
D016 Martha LEHMAN 1860 Beechworth, Victoria
D017 Mary Ann RAFFERTY 1860 Beechworth, Victoria
D018 Anne  PARKER 1905 Heathcote, Victoria
D019 Charles Erwin FARMER 1905 Heathcote, Victoria
D020 John Paterson MASON 1905 Heathcote, Victoria
D022 Patrick MC’GRATH 1885 Kiewa, Victoria
D023 Clara Chase COLLINS 1885 Kiewa, Victoria
D024 Alice Maria BRAY 1885 Kiewa, Victoria
D025 Edward McGRATH 1921 Kiewa, Victoria
D026 James BRASLIN 1884 Beechworth, Victoria
D027 Joseph Eldred BISHOP 1884 Beechworth, Victoria
D028 Edith Florence TAYLOR 1884 Beechworth, Victoria
D029 Maria WILDING 1884 Beechworth, Victoria
D030 Catherine KELLER 1873 Chiltern, Victoria
D031 William HOUSTON 1873 Chiltern, Victoria
D032 George LONSDALE 1900 Chiltern, Victoria
D033 Johanna MARTIN 1900 Chiltern, Victoria
D034 Patrick McHUGH 1900 Chiltern, Victoria
D035 Frederisa WEICHMANN 1886 Chiltern, Victoria
D036 George OLIVER 1886 Chiltern, Victoria
D037 Bridget McCORRY 1886 Chiltern, Victoria
D038 May Beryl BARRASS 1886 Chiltern, Victoria
D039 Humphery MORRISON 1899 Tintaldra, Victoria
D040 Hilda Julia EVERARD 1900 Tintaldra, Victoria
D041 George CROWE 1900 Tintaldra, Victoria
D042 William DUKE 1887 Beechworth, Victoria
D043 Anne HIGGINS 1887 Beechworth, Victoria
D044 Sarah VAUX 1887 Beechworth, Victoria
D045 Gin FAUG 1887 Beechworth, Victoria
D046 Arthur HUGHES 1870 Stanley, Victoria
D047 Robert EDWARDS 1870 Stanley, Victoria
D048 William Edward RUDOLPH 1870 Stanley, Victoria
D049 Sarah TONER 1913 Myrtleford, Victoria
D050 Patrick Anthony McCORMACK 1913 Myrtleford, Victoria
D051 Sarah Jane MARSHALLSEA 1913 Myrtleford, Victoria
D052 Patrick TOVER 1913 Myrtleford, Victoria
D053 Thomas CARR 1883 Barnawartha, Victoria
D054 Mary MERRIGAN formerly PRENDERGAST 1883 Barnawartha, Victoria
D055 Hugh JOHNSTON 1883 Barnawartha, Victoria
D056 James Joseph HOGAN 1929 Wodonga, Victoria
D057 Emma AUDRITT 1850 Middlesex, England
D062 James HOOD 1870 Donald, Victoria
D063 James HOOD 1898 Warrnambool, Victoria
D064 Sarah WILSON 1894 Murchison, Victoria
D065 David HOOD 1886 Malvern, Victoria
D066 John BILLMAN 1886 Strathfieldsaye, Victoria
D068 Rosanna COLES 1918 Cheltenham
D069 Hugh WILSON 1884 Wondiligong
D070 Iris May BLACK 1918 Cheltenham
D072 Joseph Henry BEAUMONT 1886 Strathfieldsaye, Victoria
D073 John BILLMAN 1886 Strathfieldsaye, Victoria
D074 Catherine PURTELL 1886 Strathfieldsaye, Victoria
D075 Anne MOYLAN 1886 Strathfieldsaye, Victoria
D076 Lurye WILLIAMS 1886 Strathfieldsaye, Victoria
D077 Gladys ROBINSON 1928 Heidelberg, Victoria
D078 Mary Ellen LAWRENCE 1928 Heidelberg, Victoria
D079 Ivy Pearl FRANKLIN 1929 Heidelberg, Victoria
D080 Charles CALLAGHAN 1929 Heidelberg, Victoria
D081 Walter McFARLANE 1928 Heidelberg, Victoria
D082 Margaret WYATT 1921 St Arnaud, Victoria
D083 Catherina SLATTERY 1921 St Arnaud, Victoria
D084 Charles Latham McFARLANE 1921 St Arnaud, Victoria
D085 Doris WINGFIELD 1921 St Arnaud, Victoria
D086 Edward SIDDERS 1921 St Arnaud, Victoria
D087 Teresa Eugenie McNAMARRA 1877 Collingwood, Victoria
D088 Robert MOORE 1877 Collingwood, Victoria
D089 Florence Amy JOHNSON 1877 Collingwood, Victoria
D090 John JACKSON 1877 Collingwood, Victoria
D091 Margaret ADAMS 1877 Collingwood, Victoria
D092 James Joseph WINKLE 1916 Prahran, Victoria
D093 Dugald McFARLANE 1916 Prahran, Victoria
D094 Agnes DUNNING 1916 Prahran, Victoria
D095 Louise MARTIN 1916 Prahran, Victoria
D096 Marion LINDSEY 1916 Prahran, Victoria
D097 Caroline OAKLEY 1927 Malvern, Victoria
D098 Margaret KENNEDY 1927 Malvern, Victoria
D099 Helen Stevenson SCOTT 1927 Malvern, Victoria
D100 Michael McGRATH 1914 St Arnaud, Victoria
D101 Katherine McFARLANE 1927 Malvern, Victoria
D102 Annie Maria Elizabeth READ 1884 Sandridge, Victoria
D103 Mary Ann WHITE 1884 Sandridge, Victoria
D104 William ADAMS 1884 Sandridge, Victoria
D105 Patrick LILLAS 1884 Sandridge, Victoria
D106 George Francis CALLAGHAN 1884 Sandridge, Victoria
D107 Albert WHYLES 1924 Bunningyong, Victoria
D108 Frances COSWELLO 1924 Bunningyong, Victoria
D109 Margaret WILLIAMSON 1924 Bunningyong, Victoria
D110 May Dorothy WHITE 1924 Bunningyong, Victoria
D111 Agnes HINE 1891 Oxley, Victoria
D112 Frances GRAHAM 1891 Oxley, Victoria
D113 William McMILLAN 1891 Oxley, Victoria
D114 Francis Emmett KENT 1891 Oxley, Victoria
D115 Ann CUTLER 1895 Brighton, Victoria
D116 Grace Campbell PEARSON 1895 Brighton, Victoria
D117 Edmund PRITCHARD 1895 Brighton, Victoria
D118 John George Winchester WILMOT 1895 Brighton, Victoria
D119 Edward Percy HANNAN 1915 Whitfield, Victoria
D120 Stanley, Victoria William MARTIN 1957 Illawarra & Wonora, N.S.W.
D121 Susan KINSELLA 1930 Richmond, Victoria
D122 Mary Elizabeth BOLT 1930 Richmond, Victoria
D123 Jane KATZ 1930 Richmond, Victoria
D124 Ellen DEVEREUX 1930 Richmond, Victoria
D125 Levi HILLISTER 1868 Stanley, Victoria
D126 John NICOLL 1868 Stanley, Victoria
D127 Mary CURRIE 1932 Beechworth, Victoria
D128 Colin Lovat FRASER 1932 Beechworth, Victoria
D129 Louise BERTOGI 1932 Beechworth, Victoria
D130 Richard MITSON 1932 Beechworth, Victoria
D131 Isabella GRANT 1869 Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
D132 Jane GRANT 1869 Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
D133 William WATSON 1869 Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
D134 Catherine WORTHY 1869 Bacchus Marsh, Victoria
D135 Ruby SCHURMANN 1937 Dundas, Victoria
D136 Mary JACOBSON 1937 Dundas, Victoria
D137 Mary Ann MOORE 1937 Dundas, Victoria
D138 Coral Marie SCHULTZ 1937 Dundas, Victoria
D139 Thomas TEAGUE 1881 Oxley, Victoria
D140 Unnamed LYNES 1881 Oxley, Victoria
D141 Halpin THOMPSON 1891 Beaufort, Victoria
D142 Jessie OLSEN 1891 Beaufort, Victoria
D143 Henry NOTT 1932 Rutherglen, Victoria
D144 Robert SPEDDING 1893 Eddington, Victoria
D145 Henry John HARRIS 1873 Glamorgan, Tasmania
D146 Edward ROBERTS 1873 Glamorgan, Tasmania
D147 Thomas PETITT 1873 Glamorgan, Tasmania
D148 Meta Amalie RITTER 1896 South Fitzroy, Victoria
D149 Andrew KITSCH 1896 South Fitzroy, Victoria
D150 James WOOD 1896 South Fitzroy, Victoria
D151 Ellen HONG 1896 South Fitzroy, Victoria
D152 Harriet Charlton TUTTLEBY 1896 South Fitzroy, Victoria
D153 Christian RAPP 1896 Glamorgan, Tasmania
D154 Joy Mary JONES 1896 Glamorgan, Tasmania
D155 Mary PAVELIN 1896 Glamorgan, Tasmania
D156 Charlotte LINCHAM 1898 Cranbourne, Victoria
D157 John McLARKY 1898 Cranbourne, Victoria
D158 Anne CRAIG 1898 Cranbourne, Victoria
D159 Robert HUTCHINSON 1915 Mornington, Victoria
D160 Abbie Mariona May HILL 1915 Mornington, Victoria
D161 Alma Margaret COXHELL 1915 Mornington, Victoria
D162 Sarah MILNE 1915 Mornington, Victoria
D163 Bridget HOLMES 1915 Mornington, Victoria
D164 James Archibald MOORE 1929 Healesville, Victoria
D165 Ellen STEVENS 1929 Healesville, Victoria
D166 Bernard STARKEY 1929 Healesville, Victoria
D167 Ann CARR 1929 Healesville, Victoria
D168 Charles WHITE 1929 Healesville, Victoria
D169 Maud Jane SILVA 1935 Spring Vale, Victoria
D170 Henry HOWARTH 1935 Spring Vale, Victoria
D171 Margaret EDWARDS 1935 Spring Vale, Victoria
D172 Donald Benjamin O’BRIEN 1935 Spring Vale, Victoria
D173 Charles Clayton MASON 1935 Spring Vale, Victoria
D174 Elizabeth JOHNSON 1942 Heidelberg, Victoria
D175 John Smith O’BRIEN 1906 Albury, N.S.W.
D176 Ellen O’BRIEN 1868 Albury, N.S.W.
D177 Frederick FRANCKS 1880 Parramatta, N.S.W.
D178 Jeremiah DOHERTY 1889 Braidwood, N.S.W.
D179 Sarah Ann ARMSTRONG 1836 Sydney, N.S.W.
D180 Joseph James ARMSTRONG 1860 Goulburn, N.S.W.
D181 William Hamilton MASON 1887 Bendigo, Victoria
D182 Janet ENGLISH 1931 Prahran, Victoria
D183 Mathias HANDLEY 1931 Melbourne, Victoria
D184 John LAMB 1914 Prahran, Victoria
D185 Thomas Davis BANCROFT 1914 Prahran, Victoria
D186 Sean GILLIES 1888 Ballarat, Victoria
D187 Janet LAMB 1888 Ballarat, Victoria
D189 Donald McCRIMMON 1895 Meredith, Victoria
D190 James LAMB 1895 Meredith, Victoria
D191 Emma Frances LAMB 1884 Ballarat, Victoria
D192 Jesse NASH 1954 Box Hill, Victoria
D193 Martha NASH 1945 Auburn, Victoria
D194 Robert CAY 1884 Mount Alexander, Victoria
D195 Robert GRAY 1884 Mount Alexander, Victoria
D196 Mary Alice Ann MORSE 1884 Fryerstown, Victoria
D197 William DAVIS 1869 Golden Gully
D198 Robert RAISBECK 1869 Fryerstown, Victoria
D199 Thomas CLARK 1869 Fryerstown, Victoria
D200 James Blyth WILSON 1869 Fryerstown, Victoria
D201 John Farquaharson SHORTT 1910 Karkarove, Victoria
D202 Evelyn Joyce PERRY 1910 Karkarove, Victoria
D203 Joseph FRAZER 1896 Mansfield, Victoria
D204 Oscar SAWYER 1896 Mansfield, Victoria
D205 Georgina KELSON 1896 Mansfield, Victoria
D206 William BOYD 1896 Mansfield, Victoria
D207 Mary CUMMINS 1896 Mansfield, Victoria
D208 Richard Angus MACKAY 1919 Ballarat, Victoria
D209 George Samuel BROWNE 1919 Ballarat, Victoria
D210 Mary HOURNAM 1919 Ballarat, Victoria
D211 Joseph McLOUGHLIN 1919 Ballarat, Victoria
D212 James CAMPBELL 1881 Rushworth, Victoria
D213 Chin MAI 1881 Rushworth, Victoria
D214 Peter McCRAY 1881 Rushworth, Victoria
D215 James REID 1881 Rushworth, Victoria
D216 Bridget McCONNELL 1881 Rushworth, Victoria
D217 James HOCKING 1890 Frankelford, Victoria
D218 John SEAMONS 1890 Frankelford, Victoria
D219 Alice Mansfield, Victoria KIRKLAND 1891 St Kilda, Victoria
D220 Katherine O’FARRELL 1891 St Kilda, Victoria
D221 Myrtle Florence STEPHENS 1891 St Kilda, Victoria
D222 Albion MOIDIANT 1891 St Kilda, Victoria
D223 Ellen MORT 1891 St Kilda, Victoria
D227 William SALISBURY 1863 El Dorado, Victoria
D228 John HICKS 1863 Indigo, Victoria
D229 Margaret STEVENSON 1863 Chiltern, Victoria
D230 May CONROY 1863 Haines, Victoria
D231 William LAMB 1862 Steiglitz, Victoria
D232 Elizabeth KNIGHT 1862 Steiglitz, Victoria
D233 Julia Margaret WILKINSON 1861 Melbourne, Victoria
D234 Nicholas FOWLER 1861 Melbourne, Victoria
D235 Mary O’BRIEN 1861 Melbourne, Victoria
D236 Richard WARTON 1861 Melbourne, Victoria
D237 David Morgan DAVIES 1861 Melbourne, Victoria
D238 John FAHEY 1873 Sydney, N.S.W.
D239 Gertrude Ethel BERESFORD 1963 York, England
D240 Patrick FAY 1890 Manchester, England
D241 Walter FAHEY 1949 Melbourne, Victoria
D242 Bright LANGLEY 1886 West Melbourne, Victoria
D243 George DOUGLAS 1886 West Melbourne, Victoria
D244 Henry GAY 1886 West Melbourne, Victoria
D245 Ann EGAN 1886 West Melbourne, Victoria
D246 George Edward STEVENS 1886 West Melbourne, Victoria
D247 George LANGLEY 1884 South Melbourne, Victoria
D248 Catherine REID 1884 South Melbourne, Victoria
D249 Henry MADDEN 1884 South Melbourne, Victoria
D250 Martha Ellen Minette Josephine JENNINGS 1884 South Melbourne, Victoria
D251 Jeremiah Francis BROPHY 1884 South Melbourne, Victoria
D252 Neil McKAY 1913 Tallangatta, Victoria
D253 Mary Ann ROSS 1913 Tallangatta, Victoria
D254 Aimee Jeanne RENFREE 1913 Tallangatta, Victoria
D255 Jessie Annett BICKERTON 1902 Benalla, Victoria
D256 Margaret BOWER 1903 Benalla, Victoria
D257 Frances WHITE 1889 Longwood, Victoria
D258 George O’BRIEN 1889 Longwood, Victoria
D259 Samuel BARKER 1889 Upton, Victoria
D260 Ada BLACKBURN 1889 Longwood, Victoria
D261 Loiusa BLOOMFIELD 1928 Brighton, Victoria
D262 Alfred Turner FRY 1928 Brighton, Victoria
D263 Ellen BIRMINGHAM 1928 Brighton, Victoria
D264 Ernest Peter McNAMARA 1933 Yackandandah, Victoria
D265 Edith Abbott HENSLEY 1933 Yackandandah, Victoria
D266 Albert Wallace O’LOUGHLIN 1933 Yackandandah, Victoria
D267 Mary Catherine McDERMOTT 1933 Yackandandah, Victoria
D268 Catherine MALONEY 1865 Yarra Bend, Victoria
D269 Catherine CASSIDY 1865 Yarra Bend, Victoria
D270 Frederick William WARR 1865 Sth Preston, Victoria
D271 Anne DENNIS 1865 Northcote, Victoria
D272 John Sydney PAYNE 1913 Yackandandah, Victoria
D273 George GRAHAM 1913 Yackandandah, Victoria
D274 Hugh JOHNSTON 1913 Yackandandah, Victoria
D275 Eric PARK 1913 Yackandandah, Victoria
D276 John Robert MORRISON 1914 Yackandandah, Victoria
D277 Francis McDERMOTT 1914 Yackandandah, Victoria
D278 Kathleen Alice McDERMOTT 1914 Yackandandah, Victoria
D279 John MEEK 1914 Yackandandah, Victoria
D280 Gladys Freda WOOLCOCK 1905 East Melbourne, Victoria
D281 Frank WORLD 1905 East Melbourne, Victoria
D282 William LAZERS 1905 East Melbourne, Victoria
D282 George ROPER 1905 East Melbourne, Victoria
D283 Walter ROSS 1905 East Melbourne, Victoria
D284 Michael William COLLINS 1926 Brighton, Victoria
D285 Alice Patricia ALEXANDER 1926 Brighton, Victoria
D286 William GRANT 1926 Brighton, Victoria
D287 Margaret Morison WARD-COLE 1926 Brighton, Victoria
D288 Horace Sydney CLARINGBOLD 1925 Elsternwick, Victoria
D289 Frederick William BEHRENDT 1925 Elsternwick, Victoria
D290 Alfred Henry JONES 1925 Elsternwick, Victoria
D291 Mary TAYLOR 1925 Elsternwick, Victoria
D292 Charles Henry GRANT 1900 Hawthorn, Victoria
D293 Emma BIRD 1900 Hawthorn, Victoria
D294 Margaret TUCKFIELD 1900 Hawthorn, Victoria
D295 Janet Azalia Alice SLEEP 1900 Hawthorn, Victoria
D296 Louisa BLOOMFIELD 1928 Brighton, Victoria
D297 Alfred Turner FRY 1928 Brighton, Victoria
D298 Ellen BIRMINGHAM 1928 Brighton, Victoria
D299 William George BURNS 1915 Ballarat, Victoria
D300 Michael John COURTNEY 1915 Ballarat, Victoria
D301 Ann TREDINNICK 1915 Ballarat, Victoria
D302 Martin FARRELL 1915 Ballarat, Victoria
D303 William SMITH 1872 Docking, Norfolk, England
D304 Ann SMITH 1883 Docking, Norfolk, England
D305 Hans Christian HANSEN 1938 Melbourne, Victoria
D306 Herbert Charles Leeming BURGESS 1931 Albury, N.S.W.
D307 Catherine JONES 1912 Woolwich, London, UK
D308 Florence Nellie SHENTON 1922 Chorlton, Lancashire, UK
D309 Patrick FAHEY 1894 Manchester, England
D310 Dominick FARRELL 1868 Oxley, Victoria
D311 Patrick GILSNAN 1886 Walhalla, Victoria
D312 Frederick CORNISH 1886 Walhalla, Victoria
D313 Walter KELLY 1886 Walhalla, Victoria
D314 Tottie Elizabeth GREGORY 1886 Walhalla, Victoria
D315 Annie SHERWOOD 1886 Walhalla, Victoria
D316 Annie SWAN 1865 Wangaratta, Victoria
D317 Thomas SWAN 1864 Wangaratta, Victoria
D318 Margaret CONLEY 1865 Wangaratta, Victoria
D319 Bernard OWEN 1865 Wangaratta, Victoria
D320 Juliet FARRELL 1864 Wangaratta, Victoria
D321 Hanora Ann FARRELL 1942 Wangaratta, Victoria D322 Michael RUSSELL 1944 Corowa, NSW
D323 Valentine McDONOUGH 1931 Northcote, Victoria
D324 James Easton MOORE 1931 Northcote, Victoria
D325 Patrick  KEILY 1931 Northcote, Victoria
D326 Anne RUSSELL 1931 Northcote, Victoria
D327 Bridget Mary GALLAGHER 1931 Northcote, Victoria
D328 Patrick RUSSELL 1894 Wangaratta, Victoria 
D329 John CRAGEN 1894 Wangaratta, Victoria D330 Catherine WOODBURY 1894 Wangaratta, Victoria
D331 Ah SKIA 1894 Wangaratta, Victoria
D332 John Charles Henry MORRELL 1894 Wangaratta, Victoria
D333 Irene Mary O’MEARA 1970 Preston, Victoria
D334 Alexander Duncan WATSON 1928 Caulfied, Victoria
D335 David MATHESON 1928 Caulfied, Victoria
D336 Walter Waverley WARD 1928 Caulfied, Victoria
D337 William OSBORNE 1928 Caulfied, Victoria
D338 Alfred GREENHILL 1928 Caulfied, Victoria
D339 Mary Ann McLACHLAN 1907 Wodonga, Victoria
D340 Carl Ludwig Wilhelm SCHULTZ 1907 Wodonga, Victoria
D341 James MARGERY 1907 Wodonga, Victoria
D342 George Octavius OSBORNE 1907 Wodonga, Victoria
D343 Michael LEADEN 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D344 Ellen SWEENEY 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D345 Edmund MURPHY 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D346 Edmund BROWN 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D347 James WALSH 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D348 William WALSH 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D349 Catherine WADE 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D350 Elleanor CORR 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D351 Mary PURCELL 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D352 James THEIL 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D353 Mary NEVIN 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D354 Catherine RAY 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D355 James McGREGOR 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D356 Richard DOWLING 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D357 James BUTLER 1844 Melbourne, Victoria
D358 William McFARLAND 1861 Belvoir, Victoria
D359 Pamela WATTS 1861 Barnawartha, Victoria
D360 Hans Christian HANSEN 1938 Melbourne, Victoria
D361 Hans Christopher HANSEN 1937 Melbourne, Victoria
D362 Elizabeth Pauline LUGG 1909 Bright, Victoria
D363 Margaret WARREN 1909 Freeburgh, Victoria
D364 Mary BELL 1909 Lower Buckland, Victoria
D365 William Edward AUSTIN 1909 Brookside, Victoria

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